The patented TurfTrainer® is a brush system designed by Rodney Hine.

“Invented by a Superintendent, for Superintendents”

This unique brushing system has been through a rigorous and lengthy test period. Non corrosive materials have been carefully chosen, and a special mat designed specifically for this product.

This sturdy and sleek design creates many opportunities to brush and improve the health of your turf. It’s incredibly simple, one time installment frees your mechanic to deal with more difficult and time consuming tasks. Deciding to brush with the TurfTrainer or not is a choice a Superintendent can make at any moment, as the machine’s operator can easily attach or remove the brush as needed. There are no moving parts to worry about and at no time (in use or in storage) is the operator’s line of sight impeded by the TurfTrainer brush.

The TurfTrainer is available for most walk-behind and ride-on mowers. Upon receiving your order information we will asses the size and model needed for your machine.

Please drop us a line with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

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