TurfTrainer is a unique turf brushing system designed to improve turf playability, performance and health. The one-time installation of the sturdy and sleek brush provides on-demand usage, while the stow and go mechanism allows out-of-sight storage. The patented TurfTrainer  has been designed by golf course superintendent, Rodney Hine.

Simple to Install

One quick installation by your mechanic and your operator will be able to use as needed on the course or playing surface with no tools needed to attach or store.

Gentle on the Turf

The gentle smooth action of the mat with the mower allows more frequent brushing and effective grain management.

Quality Construction

TurfTrainer is manufactured using non-corrosive materials specifically designed to withstand the challenging elements found in turf brushing environments.

It’s the Perfect Fit

Deciding whether or not to brush your turf can be a tough decision that often feels like a necessary evil, requiring your mechanic to install your brushing system for your operator. Sometimes you might decide to leave the brushing system attached to the mower, but that impedes your operator’s line of sight. Not to mention the out-in-front brush being pushed by the mower causes chatter and bounce for an uneven cut.
TurfTrainer was designed by a superintendent for superintendents to solve all of these problems and allow you to brush your turf on-demand. TurfTrainer is attached to the bucket once by the mechanic and is then easily installed or stored by the operator for on-demand usage. Being a bucket attachment provides a pulling mechanism for a smoother more uniform brushing motion causing a consistent cut and smoother playing surface.

TurfTrainer in Action

More Features You'll Love

No Moving Parts

TurfTrainer attaches to the mowing bucket with no moving parts, minimizing maintenance.

Unobtrusive Attachment

Whether stored or in use, operator view is not obstructed and TurfTrainer does not impede routine mower maintenance or adjustments.

Adapts to Surface Contour

The flexible mat follows the turf surface contour efficiently, providing a stand of turf ready for cutting.

Tried and Tested

What Our Customers are Saying

I love the TurfTrainer on my approaches! Approaches have always been an issue; couldn’t get the verticutters out often enough. A great tool for Superintendents! Well done Rodney!”
 – John D. Carlone, CGCS, Meadow Brook Club, New York

I really appreciate the ease of installation and storage for this unit. We save a lot of time and can brush more often because the operator can easily engage the brush.
– Patrick H. Sisk, CGCS, Longmeadow Country Club, Massachusetts

I have been using TurfTrainer for one season now.  I light brush on M-T-W, remove the brush and mow.  It is a wonderful product because it is not too aggressive, it is lightweight and very easy to put on and take off.  A must have in your tool box!!
– Robert A. Ranum (ret.), GCS, Atlantic Golf Club, New York

I think you are really on to something here with the TurfTrainer, the concept of not being too abrasive and its ease of use. This is a year round application. Additionally, I’ve found that the TurfTrainer cleans up Poa seed heads. I have noticed a significant difference using the TurfTrainer on a daily basis during the spring this season.
– Michael Keohan, GCS , Brookville Country Club, New York